Partner Registration

Institute Details :

Owner Details :

I understood the rules and regulations as of now & amended in future applicable to the institute conducting “SkillzDesk” &/or its collaborative Partners Courses explained in the Training Partner Proposal for Affiliation & agreed to abide the same.

I certify that I am the competent authority, by virtue of the administrative and financial power vested in me of the above mentioned institute/organization to furnish the above information’s and to undertake the above stated commitment on behalf of my/our institution.

I am aware that in case of any information given by me is false or misleading, “SkillzDesk” may in its sole discretion can take whatever actions or measures it deems necessary and appropriate and the society would be debarred from the affiliation.

I agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations and the decisions taken by the management of the “SkillzDesk” from time to time.

I further understand that, I have to register each and every trainees/Students studying at my/our center at “SkillzDesk” Head office by paying the prescribed fee, failing which “SkillzDesk” will have all the rights to take action.

In case of any dispute arising “SkillzDesk” the Jurisdiction for all legal Purposes will be Noida, U.P., INDIA only.