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Work Integrated I.T.I.

Work integrated ITI, as the name suggets gives more learning and understanding of the existing working environment as compared the the vocational ITI course pursued from colleges. ITI in itself means imparting technical knowledge and understanding by demonstration on machines and equipments of general industrial use. However though work-integrated ITI provides an opportunity to the candidate to gain experience and knowledge on the latest and presently in-use machinery. This gives the candidates and edge over the traditional ITI courses that generally impart more theroretical knowledge and partial practical knowledge on out-dated machinery or technology.

Apart from this the candidate also gets and exposure of the working Indutrial environment and understands the working discipline and adjusts itself to the dynamic working scenario. Hence over the period of the duration of the course the candidate gets well equipped and experienced to work for the betterment of the technology and and achieving good manufacturing practices.

Program Estimated Time
Fitter 2 Years
Electronics 2 Years
Smart Manufacturing 2 Years
Fracture Mechanic 2 Years
Mechinist 2 Years
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